Security Services
Client Services

Backup Security offers our clients peace of mind. Whether you represent a large organisation or a sole operator, we can provide you with a security service to suit your needs.

Call now to talk to one of our highly trained and experienced professional security personnel. All calls are received at our head office and directed to the appropriate department Australia-wide.

For administrative needs, enquiries, quotes and bookings, please call 1300 641 619 during office hours, 9.30am to 5.30pm.

After hours, please call 0421 641619. Our training and management practice ensures that you receive the prompt and professional security service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Site Risk Assessment

Backup Security will conduct a FREE Site Risk Assessment based on our own formulated Management System and Safe Working Method Statement. Through the assessment process, the most vulnerable areas in your business will be highlighted and our experienced security professionals will recommend the level of personnel and equipment required to cover all the bases.We find that many businesses pay top price for standard ‘off the shelf’ security services. With Backup Security you can be sure that our client-focused approach to security will save you money.Our analysis will be provided to you in the form of a Security Report and should you wish to implement any of our solutions we will be more than happy to help you with this. If not then at least we will have begun to get better acquainted so that we may be of assistance to yo u in the future. Either way, the Security Report is yours, at absolutely NO COST. It is our way of saying we are serious about what we do.


Security Guards

Having a security presence provides safety and security of premises, patrons and personnel. The discreet presence of Backup Security Officers deters criminals and prevents crime. Our uniformed officers can be highly visible or blend into their surroundings as required.

Crowd Control

Backup Security can provide highly trained officers to help you uphold your business licensing requirements. All Backup Security Officers are trained in conflict management, law and first aid.They are trained to create friend not foe. Our officers are trained to deal with intoxicated or emotionally disturbed persons to safeguard these people against themselves and others.

Mobile Patrols

Backup Security provides mobile day and night patrols to give you peace of mind when you are off site. Our qualified and experienced Security Officers will carry out internal and external checks on your premises to deter and detect any unlawful entry, vandalism or loss. (See below for information about our Electronic Patrol Management System.)We also offer safety checks on staff and prompt alarm response.A detailed report is left if on site regarding any incidents or irregularities. We will contact you immediately if a major incident has occurred.

Electronic Patrol Management System

Backup Security’s Electronic Patrol Management Service provides automated email reports of any incidents or irregularities noticed by our Security Officer.The system involves sensor buttons strategically placed on site. Our Security Officer patrols as usual and email records are automatically sent. The benefits of the Electronic Patrol Management Service are:

  • Factual evidence of the times and frequency of patrols
  • Regular reports via email to print or file electronically
  • Evidence of patrol in case of an investigation by police or insurance company
  • No more door tags


Alarm Response

On call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our mobile patrol service remains in your area to act as an alarm response service for individuals and businesses – even stock control on major highways.When necessary our officers will liaise with the police. With almost a decade in the security industry, Backup Security has built a trusted working relationship with the police.

Surveillance Cameras

The installation of surveillance cameras (either visible or covert) will help deter theft, abuse or poor practice, and help identify perpetrators. Backup Security partners with qualified and licensed installers who are certified to the Australian Standard AS2201.2:2004 (Intruder Alarm Systems – Monitoring Centres).

Private Investigations

Backup Security provides personnel who are trained and experienced in private investigation for circumstance or surveillance work, such as employee/individual misconduct, work cover claims, background checks and locating people or assets. Our clients include law firms, accounting firms, insurance companies and government agencies, as well as privately owned businesses and individuals.

Cash in Transit

It is illegal to have any staff or persons other than the proprietors of the business bank your business takings. It is also high risk. For peace of mind, protection of property and personal safety, have one of our trained and experienced Security Officers collect and deliver or store your cash and valuables.

Close Personal Protection Officers

Backup Security offers close personal protection, which is an intensive and highly personalised service where one officer’s attention is focused solely on the welfare of an individual. This service is used to protect government officials, celebrities, a young person or important documents.