Client Testimonials

“This is a reference for Backup Security. We are a Company that contract to both Government Departments and into Local Government Areas.We specialize in tendering for work that requires high levels of professionalism, that operate within formal Quality Assured systems. These projects general require pre qualification with the relevant department. We complete works in emergency and statutory service systems.We have used Backup Security as a subcontractor for over five years. We require them to respond to emergency callouts 24 hours a day seven days a week. The callouts are to rectify situation within a contractually defined time period. Many of these callouts are to situations that put the motor public at risk and must be rectified quickly and professionally. Some responses require direct liaison with the police and Vic Roads.Backup Security has responded every time to callouts and has operated within the guidelines set by us to meet contract expectation. Backup Security is very professional and considered a valuable member of the community by local authorities. Due to this track history I have no hesitation in recommending them for work that they are seeking.”

– Rob McDonald, Director 4 Site Australia

“Our club has employed the services of Backup Security for the past four years. We have found Backup Security to be very effective and professional in their performance at our club.The Directors Steve and Vicky Randi ensure they screen their employees to match the requirements of our venue. Our club has entertainment three nights every week and in our peak holiday period over Christmas every night of the week for four weeks. Security is a major concern for us and we need good security that can communicate with customers in a non-confrontational ma n ner and still enforce the code of conduct required by our members and guests. Backup Security has been able to meet our needs and on a number of occasions have suggested new strategies to ensure the safety of our patrons.Communi cation with the security company is important for us to address concerns with staffing and security issues. We have found Steve and Vicky very receptive to any concerns we have raised and have addressed issues immediately. In concluding, I highly recommend Backup Security to any organization wishing to employ their services as you will find them to be professional, effective, and willing to work with you to achieve your objectives.”

– Peter Duncan, Ski Club Manager

“We have been more than happy with the wonderful service provided by Backup Security and have found the company to be of exemplary standing. We deal with many organizations within our field, but very few of these companies match the standard of Backup Security. Emphasis is placed on personalized service and the best out come for the customer (not just their own profit margin). We are especially impressed with the manner in which Backup Security personnel dealt with our clients and were delighted at how promptly and professionally situations were handled, keeping us informed every step of the way. We love that our calls are answered by a “real person” and site activity reports are promptly forwarded to our office. Good old fashioned service at reasonable rates. Well done and thank you.”

Sheri Paci, Director, R&R Protective Services Pty Ltd

“Law enforcement officer testimonial I am a law enforcement officer and know that when I am on duty and see that the Security Officers on shift are from Backup Security I feel confident that the premise being protected is abiding by its liquor license and that the patrons are being protected at a controlled site. I know that Backup Security employ qualified professionals that they only call police to assist if really necessary otherwise they are capable of controlling situation lawfully themselves. Name withheld due to Company policy.”

– Team member testimonials

“I was 56 years of age and was not ready to leave the workforce; I also did not want a 9 to 5 job anymore. I am fit and strong and still feel like a 20 year old, but because of my age employment opportunities are rare. I applied for a position at Backup Security in Sydney and I was up front with my requests. I am now 61 years old (young) and have been working 3 to 4 days a week with a steady income and doing jobs that I enjoy. They worked me once at a club that was just too loud and rough, I requested to not work at those types of venues and sure enough my request was seen to. I am proud to be a Backup Security Officer and I am proud to work for the Company Backup Security. I am now training for an office administration position with the Company.”

Graham Smith, Security Officer Tasmania

“I have been a Security Officer with Backup Security for 8 years. I have completed all of my training and experience with Backup Security. I will work with no other company as I consider myself and am made to feel that I play a major part in our company. Steve, Vicky and the team at Backup Security are like a family to me. As a Security Officer/ Crowd Controller, it is critical that you work with a team that will watch your back. A team must work together and we do. We have a trust in each other and work well which is of great importance not only for the safety of the team but also for the patrons, the client and our company. New recruits are trained in the field by working along side experienced officers. Backup Security is a company I can trust.”

– Ty Bullock, Security Officer Victoria